Parents Saved Their Dying Child From Cancer By Giving Him Cannabis

A 13-year-old boy who was one in only five people in the world with an extremely rare cancer that meant he had only two weeks left to live but thanks to this hex herbal drug, cannabis, he recovered like magic.

This is the story of Deryn and his family, and there vacillating journey of cancer. His mother Callie Blackwell and her husband Simon, who belongs to Norfolk, decided to give her teen son the Class B drug after he became addicted to the anti-sickness drugs he was being dosed at hospital.


In her book “The Boy in Seven Billion“, Callie tells the anecdote of her then 10 year old son being diagnosed with leukaemia in 2010 and just after two years with  Langerhans Cell Sarcoma thats  a rare and aggressive cancer.

The boy  is now well known as the “boy in seven billion” because he is thought to be the only person to have had both conditions at the same time, no one had ever been found to have the two cancers together.

After about four years of hospital treatment, nothing was working on him so his mum Callie risked and gave her baby boy, a cannabis-based painkiller which wasn’t available in the UK.


Deryn’s dad, Simon, after a struggle somehow arranged to meet someone at a petrol station to pick some up cannabis, they were also scared as this class B drug was illegal and whoever carries it, if found guilty they will be a sentenced up to five years imprisonment for possession.


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