Newton's Apple Tree Is Still Standing Tall Outside His Home

The greatest discoveries and inventions in history have been fueled by ordinary men and women leading their normal and routine lives. Very often than not, it just happens by chance that someone discovers something that would eventually change the way humans live and think in future.

Similar was the case with Sir Isaac Newton who at that time was a mathematician, astronomer as well as a physicist.

In spite of all this he was jobless then and so he had focused his thoughts on something that lead to one of the greatest discoveries.


People with deep thoughts and intelligence can get inspiration even from the most mundane and ordinary things that occurs in their surroundings.

An apple falling down from its branches is really a very normal phenomenon. However, this server as a great source of inspiration for Newton when he noticed an apple falling down from its branches straight to the ground. His brain started questioning as to why the apple fell down to the ground.


Why could it not go in any other direction? These led him to research and understand, as well as define the phenomenon of gravity. Though Newton is gone from the world long back, his work continues to survive and thrive and so does the apple tree that served him as a great source of inspiration.

The apple tree now famously called the gravity tree began growing some 400 years ago and for the last 240 years, the tree is drawing visitors who are amazed to see it still standing tall outside his house.


The tree may be old, but it is still an important relic of that time. It is also still in good health, bearing fruit annually.