Authorities Asked Public To Name A Floating Bridge Ferry, Later Realized Their Folly

This has happened not once but twice, implying that the lessons have not been learnt by the authorities in asking the general public to name a floating bridge ferry and the McGrit incident earlier.


They should have clearly understood that the public could not be trusted under these situations.

However, the public bodies in Britain are still repeating their mistakes.

The Isle of Wight council didn’t pay heed to not involving the general public in the naming business, and posted the following:

Their facebook post garnered around 2600 comments, but majority of the suggestions received were absolutely bogus or stupid.

naming-a-ferry-on-facebook 1

You can’t blame the public for their naivety in the nomenclature of a state-of-the-art bridge, can you?

naming-a-ferry-on-facebook 2

Yes, there are some exceptions, but the majority of the silly or rather cruel suggestions were the likes of McFloatface or the yellow submarine.

naming-a-ferry-on-facebook 3

Would it be a surprise then, if someone suggested the name to be “Floaty Boaty”? And the absurd thing is that there also a petition now.

Can there be anything more interesting to speak about? Sure, there can. Could this foolishness have been avoided? Well, yes, it could have been.