Mom's Three Words Saved Her Kids From Potential Abduction

For a mother there is nothing as horrifying as her kids being missing, this is a story of a mother’s disconsolate experience after her two young sons narrated her a frantic incident from which they escaped safely and they had remembered three words which got them out from big trouble.

Jodie Norton on her blog, Time Well Spent, wrote the whole fracas how that morning she had been in the shower and she felt a severe pain in her stomach which made her dizzy and nauseous.


Somehow she got dressed managed to drove to the local hospital with her four kids, she was outside of the A&E department left her two oldest boys who are about ten and eight years old, so the neighbor could pick them up and take them to school.

But later they came to know that the neighbour who was about to reach in 5 minutes was coming from a farther distance so it will take 40 minutes.


During that waiting time, the boys had been approached by three strangers several times who had tried to sway them to go into a bathroom with a man.

There were an adult female and two weird men, they asked them if they’d help them out by going to the bathroom where the fellow female’s boyfriend was hiding from the doctor and if they could convince him to come out and get treated.

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