Mesmerizing Unicorn Candle Cries Rainbow Tears When Lit

One of the major characters of human imagination is unicorns, they are unique and majestic. But what could be more imaginative, colourful, eye-catching than a rainbow tears flowing out of this mythical beast? The market is already flooded with different items and advertisements related to various superficial characters to add more sparkle in candles.


This product has a colorful candle as the spiral horn on a ceramic candle stand in shape unicorn body, which when lit, colorful wax of its horn melt down and it drips from its eyes as tears.


This is a more creative realm of unicorn-themed stuff that weeps colorful tears of wax.

The “Crying Unicorn Candle” is currently available on pre-order by Firebox. It’s expected to be in the market by April 18. The cost to make a mythical creature cry is $24.79 and also includes two extra horns so that you want to see colourful tears in future.


The product description says that when the tears really start flowing, you might want to place this creature on a plate to prevent stains on your surfaces, and it also poses the timeless question, “Is there anything more beautiful than a unicorn crying?” You have to decide. Hell yeah! It is very beautiful.

Watching a unicorn tearing up is interesting and it is worthy of preordering.