Adventure To Save The Princess Begins Right Inside This Mario-Themed Café

There was a time when computer games were neither popular nor rampant. This was the time of the high-end games that were simpler in nature. At that point of time, all that blowing meant was to be the solution for fixing a game.

This was also the time when multiplayer meant that you needed to take turns to move an 8-bit character around, dismantling and breaking bricks into pieces to step on some weird monster that so much resembled a mushroom.

Yes, you guessed it! That was the time of the Super Mario adventure games.

This Mario-themed restaurant will instil in you the great nostalgia of collecting coins, Mario-the brick breaking plumber and such adventures if you have revealed them earlier in your childhood. The Mario-themed cafe is in Washington and giving people a great feel of the good old times!

This café has come to life and is flooring visitors by the level of detail!

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Are you brave enough to enter world 4 through the warp zone and land up on the nightmarish cloud?

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Look, what has come up now! The Mario themed drinks!

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The nostalgic feeling, simply wow!

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Up!and lo! The sound of 1 up plays up in your head as well!

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Wanna have some Mario merch?

I'm here at the Pop-up #Mario #cherryblossompub alright….#popup. #oneroutemixology

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They have even innovated and added the spot the golden Mario to the game!

Have you spotted golden Mario yet? #CherryBlossomPUB

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So, maybe you would like to visit this place and have some old memories refreshed!

Added to my visiting list!