A Man's Wife Was Fired On His Birthday. Internet Demands An Explanation From Her Employer At Cracker Barrel

A man, named Brad, was eagerly waiting for his wife to return from her workplace so that the couple could celebrate his birthday together.

They thought of having a great time that day but their hearts were broken, when the wife got fired from her job, that very same day.

How unfortunate!

cracker barrel 1

The wife was working for a restaurant, Cracker Barrel for a really long time. She had served for 11 years and all of a sudden she got fired on couple’s special day.


This, of course, didn’t go down well the husband who went on to vent out his rage on the facebook page of the Company Cracker Barrel. Soon the news spread like wildfire and it caught the attention of millions of people who demanded an explanation from the restaurant as to why they had to fire her on her husband’s birthday.

Comedian Amiri King was instrumental in bringing the issue to the limelight, which reached millions of his fans.

People condemned the restaurant’s move and who had been served by the wife at the restaurant, even praised her for her services. What made the restaurant fire an employee who was associated with them for 11 long years? The protesters feel it was a completely unjust step taken by Cracker barrel.

Many people expressed their views some are listed below:


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