Man with Extraordinary Coin Stacking Skills will blow off your mind

Do you know any trick and proud of it? A Japanese, @thumb_tani, has achieved a skill of coin stacking after years of practice. He is able to shape and balance pile of coins in mere minutes. Below are his feats of strength:

This level is too high, right? !



In semi-finished state.



Here is finished product, looks spectacular! Top three coins are unbelievable.



Some bridge of coins


People in disbelief say he uses Glue to hold coins.


Stacking wine glasses is not a big problem for him.


How can marbles be excluded!?


Here a comes spoon scince thing.


He can make a sword using 450 yen.


No matter how small contact point is!


Looks artsy, doesn't it?


This can be used as piece of art.


On the brink of wine glass, amazing


This looks like child's play for him


These type of tricks require super focused hands, with lot of patience. Otherwise, it won’t take a moment to ruin a structure.