Man spent 45 years of his life collecting Pennies

People have many different types of hobbies. One of them is coin collecting. Otha Anders, 73 years old, a native of Lousiana loved to collect pennies, the passion, that started when he found one in streets decades ago.

He spent 45 years without spending a single penny on anything.

otha anders with tub filled of pennies

It was this obsession when he surpassed filling more than ten 5-gallon water bottles.

gallons filled with pennies

This time he decided to cash them in and went to a nearby Origin Bank. Shocked, the Vice President Ryan Kilpatrick and the bank management took around 5 hours to count and process half a million pennies which resulted into $5136.

counting pennies at bank

He will use this amount on a dental bill which insurance didn’t cover.