Make A Super Delicious Strawberry Raindrop Cake At Home

Last year everyone was going nuts for the mysterious and amazing Raindrop Cake. Everyone wondered how could it retain its shape while just consisting of water.

raindrop cake

Now a Japanese have advanced up the raindrop cake and added a strawberry in the center of the raindrop cake. He has quite made a video so that you can follow and make one at home to enjoy!

strawberry raindrop cake

The production method is very simple, you need only 800 ml water, 4gram agar powder and a little sweet person to prepare a little sugary solution.

First, the sugar powder is poured into the pot, add a little bit of water, stir clockwise.

strawberry raindrop cake 1

And then wait for a little agglomeration, as appears in the video, and then slowly pour a little bit of water for stirring.

Repeat the same steps several times until 800ml of water is finished.

strawberry raindrop cake 2

strawberry raindrop cake 3

Stir until the boiled solution begins to bubble, then remove the pot from heat for cooling it with water.

strawberry raindrop cake 4

Pour the solution into a mould and harden it for some minutes and goes into the fresh strawberries with another half of the solution.

strawberry raindrop cake 5

Into the refrigerator for 30 minutes, serve it out to enjoy!

strawberry raindrop cake 6

Isn’t super simple?

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