Love Transformed Starving Stray Dogs

The power of love is so great that it can even transform stray dogs. Don’t believe it? Then read on. Two stray and starving dogs were completely transformed after getting love and care.

stray dogs happy 4

The dogs were called Emmy and Oscar and were found by the Chicago Police department in a very pathetic condition. Both the dogs looked unfed, undernourished and underweight. It became very obvious that they were left uncared for all their lives.

The police realized that Oscar and Emmy needed immediate medical treatment and care, so they called a local rescue group known as the Trio Animal Foundation, to help.

One of the dogs, Emmy needed help more urgently. She was a beautiful red colored dog whose body was sadly in starvation mode.

Trio Animal Foundation even posted on its Facebook page. That Emmy was being administered with IV fluids, pain medication, and antibiotics. This was coupled with a slow feeding routine and was done because too much food would not have gone down well with their system as they were badly starved.

During her treatment at the hospital, Emmy came in contact with a kind and gentle human being who changed her life completely.

Emmy became attached to one of her vets Anthony who equally reciprocated her fondness. He would drape her around his neck to make feel happy.

stray dogs happy 3

When she had gathered a little strength to walk around she would go to search for him. Oh, what affection! Anthony was so fond of her that he was all tears when it was time for their separation and Emmy had regained her health and it was time for her to bid adieu.

Anthony officially proclaimed as the dad of Emmy.

stray dogs happy

Oscar too was given medical care and trained to trust people. He was happily adopted and went on to have a happy home later on.

stray dogs happy 2

What do these two cute dogs tell us? They had been transformed,  from being unfed and uncared for, to a life full of love, happiness and abundance and were looking forward to a bright and happy future.