Little Girl Exercises Because Her Crush Felt She Was Fat

Everyone wants to look their best. They want to look beautiful, fit, healthy and energetic. This obsession with body image is so high that gyms, salons, personal groomers are emerging and flourishing in every nook and corner.

These are minting huge amount of wealth by creating hopes among their clients.


Not only are adults affected with this perfect body image thing by even kids are not being spared.

They are being constantly exposed to different media and are constantly fed on the perfect looking actors and models. This is creating havoc to the self-esteem of people who do not have those perfect body weights. This lack of self-esteem is more prominent among girls and women.

Imagine an 8-year-old girl, having the need to exercise and run to reduce weight because her crush and other batch mates feel that she is fat!

She wants to have the perfect body shape to impress the others. So the girl Alyssa, asked her older cousin to allow her to run with him. He agreed and during the course of the exercise, she told him the reason why she was doing it.


The cousin was very surprised and cleverly dealt with the situation. He explained to her that beauty can never be about mere physical appearances. The main aim of someone running and exercising should be to be fit and healthy. He told her not to get bogged down with other people’s opinion about her body.


The folks on Twitter had nice and kind things to say in response to the counsin’s post describing the whole incident.


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