How To Create A LEGO Attainable Surface Easily LEGO Tape

Lego – the most popular and intelligent toy ever developed uses plastic blocks to create different objects. Be it cars, castles or even firemen, roads, gardens and any other conceivable objects. It enhances the thought processes, creativity and also builds intellectual capabilities of the users. No wonder, it has been adopted and accepted by millions of parents and teachers alike to develop various skills in their wards.

However, one of the major limitations of the Lego toys is that it is made up of plastic materials which need a plane or flat surface or even a Lego board on which you can create your monuments and objects. It gets difficult for the plastic blocks to stay still on a crooked or uneven surface like carpets, sofa etc. But no more worries.

There’s great news for the LEGO lovers. A new product called the Lego Tape has been invented to provide a solution to the above problem.


With the help of Lego tape, any surface can be converted into a Lego-attuned or a Lego-compatible surface.

Does that not sound exciting?


An important aspect of this highly useful and relevant product is that it is priced at a low and affordable rate. the rate of two rolls of the tape is just $11 and the price for 10 rolls is just $50. 

 This highly adaptable tape can help your Lego blocks stick to any surface. The brand name of this versatile Lego tape is Nimuno.


It has an adhesive backing and can be cut as per requirement and attached to a wall, to any cloth or even to other toys.


Guess what, you can even attach it to any part of your body and construct your favorite Lego structure on it with the Lego blocks.


It even aids in the construction of beautiful toy structures like rivers and streams, mountains and hills and so on with the help of its curvy shapes.


Now, no corner of the home left untouched.


Even people like it!




This video make it more clear

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