Last Wishes Of People That Show Human Spirit

Humans are a wonderful creation. They have some finest qualities and compassion for others. More often, this fine side of an individual lies dormant within, while he/she walks through the busy journey of life. However, when they see the death nearing, their innate and highly valuable qualities come to the fore.

Some people’s last wishes shown in the photographs below show the spirit of humanity at its best!

1. When a mere 6-year-old girl was diagnosed with brain cancer.

She thought of writing down a lot of tiny love notes for her parents to read when she was no more breathing. That was so thoughtful for her parents.


2. A 12-year-old boy’s last wish was to have colourful markers tattooed on his hand. A tattoo artist made his wish come true.


3. To the beach again for the last time!


4. Christmas in October!

North Carolina residents let a dying woman see her last Christmas celebrations by having it organised in October


5. Wish to see dolphins play for one last time, granted to this man


6. For an 8-year-old dying girl, thousands of carolers sing the Christmas carol at her home as that was her last wish


7. A woman’s last wish was to visit the hospital to get a glimpse of the scanned photos of her unborn grandchild. So be it!


8. A dying youth’s last wish of taking his girlfriend to the prom gets fulfilled


9. A dying engineer from World War II gets united with the iconic plane with help from his bosses



10. Mom-dad’s last dance on the night before she passed away


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