Kenyan Artist Paid A Tribute to African Nature With Paintings And Sculptures

Art is a language which is beyond the boundaries of country, culture, disability or anything else. An artist from Kenya now based in picturesque New Zealand, Gordon Pembridge by his excellent work of art has expressed his relationship with nature and its elements. As a painter and woodworker, Pembridge often looks his surroundings for inspiration, which has culminated in volumes that create components of nature and portrayed local wildlife.

An example of such work is Pembridge’s striking series of hand-painted, carved wooden vessels.


His artwork is created through a woodturning process — a sculpting method that employs a lathe to shape the timber.


Pembridge obtains the majority of his timber from storm-felled trees, but the real magic happens when he meticulously hand-carves incredibly detailed wildlife scenes with an inscription.


Once he achieves desired shape, he carefully hand-carves the wood into different patterns.


He then paints and decorates with ferns, flowers, animals, and other natural motifs inspired by native places of Kenya and New Zealand.


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