If You Love Rabbits, This Island Is For You

Okushima is also known as the Rabbit Island in Japan that is home to a huge colony of very friendly rabbits. It seems as if the rabbits there are in love with humans. Rabbits want to greet them, play and spend time with them too.


The animal lovers too have a great time there. That’s the reason why this island is thronged with visitors in huge numbers to cuddle, pet, hold and feed the friendly bunnies. The bunnies are often seen hopping on to the visitors and getting lost with them by twitching their noses.


One doesn’t even have to look for bunnies in this island. They are found everywhere in huge numbers. The moment a person comes from the ferry, the rabbits run up to the visitors with the hope of getting fed. It has become a very hot tourist spot.


The rabbits have restored the reputation of the island by wiping out its notorious history as the place where chemicals weapons were once manufactured during world war II.


The rabbit island is close to Tadanoumi and Okushima and it is merely a ferry ride away from these mainlands.

1. Rabbits, rabbits and more rabbits


2. Guest meets his friendly rabbit hosts


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