An Irish Setter Embraced Bulk Motherhood With 15 Puppies

This Sunday was Mother’s Day and for the Wardle family of Galashiels, it was the most memorable one.

Their two-year-old Irish Setter, Poppy gave birth to 15 puppies.


World record is of 16 and that the average survival is around eight or nine. The family was quite a surprised to see puppies when they kept on coming as the assumption was of 10.


“It was certainly a Mother’s Day we will never forget. I’m happy to report that Poppy and the newcomers, of them, are eight boys and seven girls, are doing well.

Poppy, the mother of puppies was brought in the family two years ago, she has been an adorable and well-natured pet.


The Wardles family thought that poppy needs to embosom motherhood.

Sooner the vet confirmed, Poppy was pregnant and it was expected to be eight or nine puppies, but they were 15.


Lisa and her husband Peter are working in shifts to ensure their kids Abi (17), Ben (15) and young Jack (7) are safe and so as puppies.

The puppies will stay with them until they are eight weeks old and then will be sold in good hands.


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