This Is Why Hydrogen Peroxide Is An Absolute Must In Every Home

Though we all use Hydrogen peroxide for cleaning purposes and usually store them in our kitchens and bathrooms, there are other very important uses of H2O2 that are uncommon. Why limit this liquid for cleaning purposes only, when it can be for more? Try stashing an extra bottle of hydrogen peroxide(H2O2) for various other uses.

Here we are listing some uses and benefits of hydrogen peroxide in our households:

1. Stain removing property

H2O2 removes organic stains like blood stains, stains from sweat, wine or food particles. the tough stains from these substances can be easily removed with a mixture of a small amount of % H2O2 and a little amount of the regular detergent powder.

hydrogen peroxide uses 1

2. Removes pesticides from fruits and vegetables

The fruits and vegetables we get from markets are loaded with chemicals and pesticides. By soaking them in H2O2 for some time, you can get rid of the harmful disease causing elements from them.

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3. Kills air borne germs

Airborne germs can be killed by a combination of a little H2O2 and a large amount of water placed in the humidifier.

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4. Cleans glass

It helps in cleaning and shining glass. Glass doors, windows etc can be wiped with H2O2.

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5. Helps in personal grooming

Helps remove pimples and boils from your lovely face.

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