This is the Humongously Gaint Chicken You Have Ever Seen

Recently, @LifesBook_Ceo posted a video of chicken on Twitter and it quickly went viral. The chicken in the video is not any typical regular one that you normally you witness on daily basis. But it is insanely large, freaking huge.

Initially, it looked liked a guy was wearing a costume. The chicken looks like bursting out of that coop and ready to smash the whole damn farm down. No one would like to mess with them.

It’s apparently a breed of chicken known as the “Brahma”. These big birds were developed in the US from large fowls that were imported from China back in the 1840s. They are also known as “Shanghai birds”.

Oh god, oh no, protect the children” birds.

Congrats to the Pokemon trainer for evolving his Torchic.

chicken coop

See yourself to get an idea how big it is. Seems like a Hulk version of a chicken.

Here’s even a yet ANOTHER very big chicken!

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