Homeless Man Emotionally Touched With A Free Haircut

A homeless man, Jose Antonia, once used to be an electrician in Spain. He ended up living on the pavements after losing out all that he had, as a result of suffering from severe depression and managed to earn just about enough money to feed for himself by working as an unlicensed attendant of a parking lot at Majorca.


Salva Garcia, who owned a hair grooming salon exactly opposite the street where Jose worked as a parking attendant, once invited him for an experimental image makeover. A makeover, that was so incredible and awe-inspiring, this homeless man living out of the street was indeed completely transformed into a different person altogether whose personality matched that of a hipster.

The dishevelled look of a homeless man had vanished in a matter of just a few moments and there he was, looking fabulous as a hipster. The salon staff not only gave him a free haircut but also offered to give the man some fresh threads to accentuate the hipster look.

Watch the incredible image makeover here:

Jose had requested the cameraman at the salon to keep the doors over the mirror open so that he could see himself as an unkempt and dishevelled man for the final time before allowing his hair to be trimmed, styled and of course colored as well. He had then suggested to the staff to keep the mirror doors shut till the hair cut and styling was over so he could see his new look and compare it with the previous one that he had just seen.

As Jose is set on his way to the public, he gets smiles and attention from ladies. He even gets a few thumbs up from people who had seen him in his previous form and were pleasantly surprised to see him look so good.


With that generous act of the salon owner, now Jose is no living on the streets as some company offered him some financial help. What an inspiring story this homeless man has to tell others now.