Homeless Cat When Rescued Found To Have A Gorgeous Pair Of Eyes

Rescuers of a homeless cat were taken aback by its gorgeous and beautiful large eyes. So much so that it was an absolute attention catcher that was difficult to ignore. The rescuers were fascinated at the explicit beauty of this stray cat’s eye. That lovely pair of eyes seemed to seek love, affection and care in a way similar to those that are domesticated.

Joe from Royal Palm Beach, Florida took pity on a stray cat and allowed her to eat from a bowl that was actually reserved for a family’s pet animal as he noticed that the cat was really very hungry and that it shouldn’t be mercilessly kicked out of the place.

This was the all that the poor animal needed at that hour the care and concern.

cat rescue beautiful eyes feat

He examined the cat closely and saw that it had shut its eyes and was suffering from mange. He sought help from animal lovers on Facebook urging them to adopt the cat.


A kind soul named Carmen Weinberg, who was also the founder of Animal friends project.

He went ahead to pick the cat the next morning and arranged for the much-needed help for this helpless fauna.


The kitty was in a totally devastated condition, looking malnourished and dehydrated. The condition had blinded her and they could feel the kitty’s pain. They started calling her Cotton and gave her the treatment and care that they thought appropriate.

Cotton was weak but responded well to the treatment, loved the care and touch meted out to her by her rescuers.


The entire family of Carmen including her kids learnt to take of this little creature.


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