Guy Sending Same Texts To The Ex Everyday For A Ridiculous Reason

It is natural to have negative and bitter feelings towards your ex, irrespective of whether the relationship ended on good terms or bad!

Similar was the story of this guy whose relationship with his love ended on some bitter terms, his feelings were of course strained, but he thought of bringing in a funny side to his unpleasant story.

His ex-love interest wrote a mail to him stating that they should try to sort things out among themselves and get back together.

But the guy wasn’t really okay with it and thought of criticising her mail the way a school teacher would provide her feedback to her pupils along with the appropriate grading.

The letter appeared to hint that there were many things being taken for granted and it even revealed some sort of suspected adultery which made the guy take the drastic step of ending their relationship.

So, funny enough, he graded her 4-page letter by giving her 61 marks out of 100 and awarding her a mere D-.

He scrutinized the letter in depth and pointed out that not enough evidence was provided to validate the points raised in the letter. So clearly, the point here he is making is that he loves her no more!

The guy named Picasso on Twitter has set an alarm for 7:45 am every day to remind him to send a message to his ex to get rid of the emotions out of his system!


Over a period of 3 years, he has sent about 1000 text messages to her saying “I hate you”.

Many people suggested that he is merely wasting his time by doing so and that he must move on.

But he has a reason. He says,

“Y’all in the comments like “you lame”, “petty”, “wack”, “childish”, “crazy”. But you know what,” and posted a meme which read “I don’t give a fuck”

Wikihow even sent him a link on the three ways to get over a break-up.

But wait, why has this guy set an alarm for 4.48 a.m?