This Guy Can't Stop Getting Engaged Over And Over Again!

Can you get engaged twice, thrice or for that matter any number of times and to any number of people?

Weird as this may sound, but here we do have a guy who is so excited to receive a huge number of likes on social media for the proposal photo that he had uploaded, that he has gone on a spree of getting engaged and posting pics on the same platform.


What makes it more hilarious is that the new engagement pictures show the original lady to whom he had got engaged in the background with displeased looks.


He had used the facebook as the social media platform for those photo shoots and has become highly popular and trending.


The funny photos were shared by an Imgur user Christig due to their highly hilarious nature. They had come across those funny photo posts while browsing facebook.


The guy called Jack seems to have taken the likes too seriously and his new found fame had gone into his head as he is getting engaged again and again to different people nd going on posting the snaps to garner further likes.


Silly as it may sound, it has become downright hilarious too. Apparently, there seems to be no limit to what extent people can go for those “likes”!