Adorable Goldfish Has Her Own Wheelchair

Well yes, you read that correct. That’s an unheard of, unnatural phenomenon but all it takes a little sensitivity and emotions and of course a lot of determination to come up with ideas and solutions like this.

When Taylor Nicole dean, found that her goldfish did not look well and she took her to the vet for treatment, but nothing worked. They treated her for bladder problems and other such treatments when the fish swims upside down, or leans on one side while swimming or rather floats on the water. Finally, Taylor took her goldfish to an expert called Derek, in San Antonio.

The expert put some airline tube around the fish and placed some valves at its bottom which acted like a chair and propped the fish up. For providing the fish with some buoyancy foam Styrofoam was also added in the right proportion that was just sufficient for the fish. The entire process was carried out with great care and delicacy so as not to cause any inconvenience to the poor little creature.

Then, it was finally the time for the fish to be set free into the aquarium and lo! What a sight it was to behold! What a cherishable moment it was for both the expert as well as the owner of the goldfish!  Taylor was absolutely thrilled to find her dear goldfish regain her strength and vitality and swim up, down and all around. She was very thankful to Derek. When Derek posted a photo of the little goldfish on its wheelchair happily set into the aquarium, the internet applauded his efforts with kind words of appreciation and praise for the expert.

goldfish rescued

What a unique treatment for a fish this was! Though the fish was tied to its so-called wheelchair, it was actually able to get rid of the paid and thrive well in its surrounding. That was sheer brilliance on the part of Derek to construct something so amazing for the little fish.