Geology Inspired Gaint Chocolate Geodes Will Blow Your Mind

Two students from the Culinary Institute of America, Alex Yeatts and Abby Lee Wilcox have created a huge sensation on Instagram by storm with their absolutely creative chocolate geodes.


The nostalgia that the giant treat brought in was nothing short of the Easter egg with the strange feeling of munching on some crazy rock candy.

This chocolate got created in six months that is it took a half-year to be completed. What a creative project it was!

It is like rock sugar filled candies which appear to be amethysts when cracked opened.

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These geology-inspired desserts were created by the two students as part of a project.

One really wonders at the amount of sugar that might have been involved in this huge dessert.


Geodes have become a fad or trend at the present times and are being involved in almost everything, right from hair coloring to hotel designing, to even pastries.


It seems to have caught the fancy of most the creative minds around! This candy geode project had begun in mid-2016.


With such amazing creativity and innovation at play here, one needs to shed all fears of gaining calories for a while and enjoy the splendour of this masterpiece.