Having Saved A Tiny Dog From A Burning Building, The Firefighter Wouldn't Let Him Die

Marley was a tiny little puppy who lived with his owner in an apartment building that unfortunately caught fire this month.

Billy Fernando, the photographer was passing by in his car when he saw the building on fire and the rescue team at work to douse the fire and save people as well as their pets.

He immediately took hold of his camera and started clicking pictures of the entire rescue operation as it unfolded in front of him.


The team of firefighters who were at work there belonged to the Santa Marina Fire Department based in California. Andrew Klein was one of the firefighters who was seen running towards the curbside grass. He was carrying the tiny puppy Marley in his arms.


Marley was not moving at all as he was badly injured from the fire and had fallen unconscious. Andrew had rescued Marley who was trapped in the fire inside the building. On coming out, Andrew immediately started working to revive Marley.

He helped Marley with the oxygen mask but the dog did not respond to it. Without wasting any single moment, he administered CPR to the dog without minding a wee bit to do so. This was such a touching sight for all the onlookers.


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