Female Bodybuilder Makes Fun Of Gym Member On Snapchat, But Her Joke Reversed Back

A female bodybuilder from London Diana Andrews posted the above picture of her fellow member from gym with caption “love handles” for which she has been counterblast on social media as it was an offensive and cruel act of “body shaming” She added a post written the woman would be “ordering burgers for delivery”.

bodyshaming love handles

Though her account has been set private but she received enough detestable comments for her disrespectable post, photos were shared on a support group for women on Facebook with the caption: “This is why most people hate going to the gym to try and better themselves”.

bodyshaming on snapchat

Ms Andrews later wrote on her Facebook profile, which is no longer available, that she wasn’t trying to “body shame” the woman but was joking about the fact she was on the phone on a treadmill. She wrote: “I saw this girl walking on the treadmill talking on her phone and I made a video and added a comment that she’s probably ordering take away”. “I’m always encouraging people to do their best and push themselves. I’m here to motivate especially women not to be afraid and get that work done. People that know me know I’m not a bully.”

body shaming facebook

However,  she tried her best to prove her point but once its viral we cannot take your words on internet, and body shaming such a sensitive topic, likewise there was an issue with Playboy model Dani Mathers was slammed online after she posted a picture of an unaware woman in a gym changing room with the caption “if I can’t unsee this then you can’t either” on Snapchat. Still ms. Andrews apologise is praiseworthy, one should never offend others everyone is imperfect is some other way.