Father Pranks With His Twin Daughters And Scared Shit Out Of People

We all get inspirations and motivation from our parents, but this incident is about a different type of father, his name is Martin Hughes, @wefail, who inspired his daughters for playing ghost character.

He taught his twins girls Poppy and Isabella to hold hands and stand still in the hallway of a London hotel a week ago, referencing the Grady twins from Stanley Kubrick’s iconic 1980 horror film. The girls are adorable but when their dad decides to dress them up and recreate a famous scene from The Shining, things got a little terrifying.


He taught them to say  “come along and play with us” and the twins enjoyed it too.


Last week, a photo of the twins ‘haunting’ a London hotel went viral on twitter by their Dad.

The craziest part is these twin girls are just four-years-old, which means their acting skills are only going to get better with time.


Hughes on Twitter posted that joking with his girls “makes the grief of having twins worthwhile”.

And he received a mixed reaction from people after his funny yet scary prank.



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