The Father Daughter Duo With Iconic Hair Is Rocking The Internet

When Benny Harlem, the New York-bred artist based in LA, shared pictures of himself and his 6 years old daughter, he instantly gained over 143000 followers. One of the most striking features of this father-daughter duo was their head full of similar hair style and texture. They both have a huge halo or crown of hair on their head which look pretty much out of the world.

Benny is a model based in LA who shot to fame by showcasing pictures of his iconic hair.


His daughter’s name is Jaxn Harlem and her father seems to be a nice family guy.


Benny hopes to inspire other young men to take care of their children and enjoy the journey of parenthood.

He being a model can easily help other people who look up to him to bond well with their children, the way he does with his daughter. He is a proud parent who seems to be in complete love with fatherhood.


Inspired by the TV sitcom shows that Benny grew up watching, he told the Huffington post that he wanted to bring back the familial bond and the emotions of fatherhood back by sharing those pictures on social media.


He emphasizes the need to have a positive self-image and great thinking which get reflected in our body and hair.


When asked how do they such huge bunch of hair, he said that he makes his own shampoo, oil etc with the help of natural ingredients like coconut, berries and some such things.


Their hair looked so identifiable and unique that one has to look at the pictures to believe it.


The father daughters photos are a rage and highly popular on the internet.


He ensures that his daughter feels protected under his care and develops a sound and positive self-image in spite of being a black.

Now that’s really awesome!



Similarly, twin sisters rose to fame because of their hair that they used to loathe.