When Famous Book Openings Are Appended With ‘And Then The Murders Began’, It Becomes Highly Humorous

The first line any book sets the tone of the entire book and is thus of extreme significance. It can have the power to control your thoughts and mind and transform you into a totally different world as envisaged by the author. It grabs the attention of an individual and makes him glued to the story revealed in the book.

The second sentence needs to build upon the catchy first sentence and keep the reader interested to know what the book has to unfold further.

auther people book covers

It so happened that one clever man discovered the absolutely awesome second line or sentence of a book that is almost becoming a norm of sorts and transforming the literary creativity by making that one incredible tweet.

This has grabbed the imagination of people at large and they have begun tweeting the famous first lines of books followed by “and then the murders began”. The outcome as understood clearly is completely hilarious.

The man who should be credited with this incredible discovery is Laidlaw who in fact has created this law or norm of second liners.

The tweets that are being generated based on the law laid by Mark Laidlaw.

Some funny tweets follow here:


This one is too good.



Creativity with covers.


People began tweeting famous first lines of books followed by “And then the murders began,” with the hashtag #LaidlawsRule.


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