Fake IKEA In-Store Reviews That Are So Hilarious

Ikea is a famous shopping destination for millions of people across the world but it seems people want to make the in-store shopping experience at IKEA even more enjoyable by posting funny reviews. First, there was news of a guy annoying his girlfriend with hilarious puns associated with this famous retailer and now there is an individual who is making people laugh with his genius but fake in-store reviews for IKEA and so he is even being trolled on the internet.

He not only posted funny reviews of the products at IKEA store but also uploaded images on Imgur. Is there any anomaly? Yeah, you guessed it right. Everyone knows that IKEA does not have any in-store reviews. So what exactly was this guy up to?

Well, this cool dude wrote his reviews for various products like carpets etc, took print outs, and left them on various furniture items throughout the store.

Funny enough, those reviews were signed by non-existent and fake people, people who were simply made-up for this purpose. For example, some imaginary person like Phillip T was disappointed that his rug was the “worst magic carpet ever,” and Jeff W, who liked to use for all his snakes. plain stupid, or completely hilarious, right?

Listed below are 10 such infamous and fake reviews that are surely going to jolt your gloomy mood and set you for a hearty laugh. Do read the reviews here:






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