Some Extraordinary Chapters About Mothers That Are Really Weird

No doubt a male and a female both are needed to give birth to a human child. But the role of both the genders is so different in parenting. While father plays the role of guide, inspiration etc. A mother goes through nine months (or more) of pregnancy is hard enough, but that’s only the beginning of the journey as a mom she has carried you as part of her body. She feels every pain and wound of yours somewhere deep inside.

Here are stories of few mothers who waited much longer than others before actually becoming a mom or a mom that gave up everything to save her daughter and yet another mom that had eight kids at the same time. That was in addition to the six she already had. Moms can be truly magical, blessing, saviour whatever she can do for her child during their journey of motherhood.

1. Elizabeth Ann Buttle

She gave birth to a daughter at the age of 19 then after 49 years at age of 60 she gave birth to her son. She took such a long interval and luckily menstrual cycle was in her favour.


2. Stacey Herald

Here is the smallest mother in the world. Despite being warned by medical experts of the several risks that she faced, Stacy has three beautiful and healthy children and still wants more. She proves nothing is stronger than the power of motherhood.


3. Adriana Iliescu

Adriana gave birth to her daughter in 2005, at the age of 66, when a woman of her age become grandmother.she was the oldest mother in the world. Now 72 years old Adriana in planning for another life.*fingers crossed, hope she gets all she deserves to be motherly satisfied.


4. Thomas Beatie

Thomas is the first male to have a baby. He had gender reassignment surgery back in 2002 and then became pregnant through artificial insemination. I wonder what his kids says, “my father is my biological mommy”. Anyways big respect to this man with a new life in his tummy.


5. Joanna Krzysztonek

Joanna was pregnant with triplets, she went into labor much earlier than doctors wanted. And then due to some abnormalities, one of the babies died and she was forced to lay upside down, at a 30-degree angle, for more than two months, to keep the other two babies alive, she took all that pain and labor. After that, she delivered the other two as healthy babies. And now she is happy and healthy.


6. Heather Town

Heather was a normal mother of a three-year-old daughter but she died after most heroic action by any mother. When a deadly tornado slashed through her town, she laid her body on her three- year-old daughter to protect her. Her daughter survived, but Heather, unfortunately, did not. RIP to this real life saviour, mother.


7. Natalie Suleman

Here is this famous Octomom, she gave birth to octuplets. That was in addition to the six she already had. 8 kids, together. Wow!


8. Carole Horlock

Horlock is a giver, yes she has given birth to 13 surrogate babies. She was only going to do it one time but decided to keep going when she realised the good she was doing. What could be better than giving someone a gift of motherhood? It takes lots of effort and love. Well done! Carole.


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