Ethiopian Tribe Cultural Event Where Men Compete To Get Fat

Men competing to get fat, what an unbelievable culture of this tribe.

They hold a challenge of who can get the maximum fat during a period of six months.

The man who puts on the maximum weight comes out to be the winner of the competition.


Mind blowing challenge that is, and who would ever want to win it?

What strategies do they use to become fat? Maybe as lazy as possible, booze, binge-eat for about six months.

However, unrealistic it may sound, but that is really the custom of this tribe in Ethiopia, where men aim to get the largest waistline possible!

Men from the Bodi tribe, in order to gain pounds of weight, drink fresh milk and blood from cows. What an insane culture!


What can make such a challenge a little difficult to beat is the fact that at participants are not allowed to leave their huts and go out or even have sex for the entire period of six months.

That’s the flip side of this competition. One becomes confined to his residence. Six months is a long time to stay at home all the while.


Women and girls of this tribe deliver milk and blood every morning in earthen pots or bamboos to the participants. The participants are the bachelor from every household who are made to stay in isolation for the entire duration.

And boy! Do you expect a reward after the competition gets over? Well, in this a competition there is no prize either for the winner or for the participants.


Guess what, the tribe takes pride in the fact that someone has the largest waistline. The man who attains this ordeal becomes the pride of the entire tribe.

The competition happens during the time of new year for the tribe.

On the final day, men come out of their isolated huts with protruding bellies and a large waistline. What’s even more surprising is that the women folks of this tribe find the large waistlines attractive!