Ed Sheeran Jokes On His Lookalike Baby Doppelganger

With so much buzz being created on the internet about the baby who I looked like Ed Sheeran.

The singer finally met the baby Ed Sheeran finally met the baby on Good Morning Britain and his reaction was so funny.


The baby looked so similar to Ed that it appeared as if he was the father. The red-headed, guitar wielding celebrity pop singer had an uncanny resemblance in the little baby.

The baby’s picture was brought to Ed’s Notice on Good Morning Britain. The baby in question is Isla Walton, and it seemed even Ed couldn’t believe that the child could so closely resemble him.

The moment he glanced at the baby he waived his arms in the air as a gesture to deny any case of potential fatherhood to the baby. It was such a funny scene.


He cried:

She’s not mine, she’s not mine! I’m telling you.

He added:

It’s mad the kind of things that go viral!

What’s weirder is that the baby’s family claimed that she’s a fan of his music.