Dumped By Girlfriend Obese Guy Transforms His Body

It is difficult to take rejection. But rejection at most times is inevitable too, due to various reasons.

One positive impact that rejection can have is that when serious efforts are made to overcome the unpleasant features/qualities, it can work wonders.

So it should be taken in the positive stride. The impact is even more when you are rejected by someone, and later, you leave no stone unturned to see that you get rid of the problem that caused the rejection, and in the process changed yourself for better for the rest of your life.

That’s exactly what Miro Judt determined to do when his ex-girlfriend dumped him for being obese and unhealthy.


Their relationship of 6 years soured after the 33-year-old man started weighing 295 pounds.

Judt, from Wakefield, England, was in the bad habit of feeding himself excessively on chips, soda, fast food and all kinds of sweets.

When he reached the level where he was way too obese, he decided to take some action to remedy the damage caused.


The sudden break-up with his long-standing girlfriend broke his heart, motivated him to make himself more lovable and adorable.

He then spoke to some experts in bodybuilding who gave him useful tips.

Started working to transform the way his body looked and within a few months, the results started becoming visible.


He shed nearly 90 pounds and burnt the excess fat and added solid muscle instead.

Him for his well-built body, than anything else, he isn’t complaining or even giving a damn to this fact. Even in his wildest dream, he doesn’t want to go back to his old body or life. He was in a happy space presently.


Miro Judt told reporters,

My long-term girlfriend leaving me was the real turning point. She was so dismissive of me and had no belief that I could lose the weight. I felt so hurt, but I decided there and then that I was going to change and to show her that I could do better and improve my physique.

The report stated that Judt ditched his bad eating habit and instead started relying on healthy snacking on foods like egg whites, chicken, fish, and Predator Nutrition protein shakes.

As an aftermath of the rejection from his girlfriend, he met a beautiful model through a dating website on which he was on a lookout for true love once again.


The model’s name is Victoria Wilson and she is his new girlfriend. Wow!

They have been together for a year now, and seem to be very happy together.

He managed to get a wonderful self-image and love, though the sacrifice that he had to pay for this is losing his first lady love!