Drought Affected Villagers Rescued Thirsty Cobra

Food and water are the basic necessities of life. Either it’s tiny human baby or giant critter King Cobra, everybody gets hungry and thirsty.


A giant 12-feet King Cobra found its way to a local village in thirsty condition, to get some water and the locals people ignoring their fear, treated it well.


Southern India has been badly affected by the extreme drought that has an immense impact on both living creatures and agriculture.

It has affected the lives of tens of thousands of families in the area and the wildlife.


King Cobra is one the most fearful and dangerous reptile, everyone gets frightened just by its glance.

Contradicting this mindset and fear this effort by local villagers to help this animal is really appreciating.

A man took guts to hold a snake catcher in one hand for self-defence and a water bottle in other, and went toward the thirsty beast, he poured water and the cobra drank.

Such calmness was never ever expected from this poisonous animal and the villagers sent him to animal care facility centre.