This Dog Will Never Forget The Favor His Owners Did To Him

This is Kylo, the dog who was rescued. As a token of appreciation for the kindness, he keeps hugging his savior who now owns him.

A brown dog laying on the seat of a car

As soon as Kylo sees his owner enter the house, he runs towards her to hug her and be loved.

A woman sitting at a table with a cup of coffee

He wants to be held in his owner’s arm immediately after she sits down and removes her shoes.

A dog sitting on top of a table

He won’t leave her till she sits down and cuddles him before anything else on reaching home.

A person petting a dog

The lucky owner who is showered with so much love is Meghan Sweers, who rescued him from a shelter a year back.

A woman and a dog sitting on a couch

Kylo, the hugging dog is fond of her ever since.


Strangely enough, Kylo wins over his owner by forcibly getting up on her lap and then falling asleep there. Such a cutie he is!

A woman sitting at a table with a dog in front of a laptop