Heart Touching Story Of A Father After Finding His Daughter Homosexual

Homosexuality has always been taboo in the world. Few accept it and many criticize. Taiwan is on the spike of becoming the first country in Asia to legalize same-sex marriage.

To add pickle to this news, a video about a Taiwanese father’s gradual acceptance of his daughter, who is a lesbian, has been trending news of the week. The video was shot by “Home Is Love” a Taiwanese group that works in support of same-sex marriage, they found this family by facebook post.

In the video, the 65-year-old father talks about his initial shock and sadness after finding out that his eldest daughter is a lesbian. Like a normal parent his reaction was obvious but later he thought to bring a change in the traditional mindset and thought beyond the barrier of generation and being a parent.

He said that when he heard about  it  for first time , he was shocked as it was not what he expected ever from his girl.

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He said that we think homosexuality as something different. Basically not normal and acceptable.

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Like a normal father his doubt was that was anything in his parenting was lacking, how can his daughter be a lesbian, that was not how she grew up.

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But then he realizes that it was one thing to be unhappy, but another to know that his daughter was unhappier than he was is not the right thing.

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