How Creative Internet Was When Cristiano Ronaldo's Head Statue Was Unveiled

Hard to accept that four-time Ballon d’Or winner, a model of physical excellence, the ingenuity of demigod for his fans, has ended up as semblance to The Head of art attack.

Everyone is getting a new idea about his looks and its most hilarious sports person troll ever.

This is not the first statue of Ronaldo that has magnetized such carping. Another statue of him, a full-body one has already been once scorned.

In 2014, people asserted that the artist of this sculptor has been somewhat “free-handed” the footballer in the shorts department. Which was somehow clearly visible.

Though it has been long and people have almost forgotten it unless another damage recalled the previous memories.

Ronaldo is not alone with such tragic statues moments in the football world. Diego Maradona and Samuel Eto’o are also notable victims.

Cristiano Ronaldo wearing a suit and tie

But Twitter is enjoying Ronaldo’s bad statue shot so much.




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