How Creative Internet Was When Cristiano Ronaldo's Head Statue Was Unveiled

On the Airport of a lovely Portuguese island of Madeira, a bronze statue has been unveiled of Cristiano Ronaldo, as a tribute to the nation’s Best footballer.

It’s a prodigious honor to bequeath upon a player who is not yet retired.

A man in a suit and tie

On Wednesday, Ronaldo inaugurated his statue in Madeira, while on Twitter the statue was ordained as a new troll.

His statue is being mimicked as a duplicate brother of “the head of art attack”.

It did not end as the photoshop experts placed the statue’s face on the real Ronaldo’s body at significant junctures of the career like crucial goals for Portugal and Real Madrid.

Carbon Freezing

Some people pointed out that it has more resemblance to former Sunderland and Republic of Ireland striker Niall Quinn than the Portuguese star.

While some compared it to Ex-Liverpool defender John Arne Riise, but majority suggested it as Paul Konchesky bronze similitude, there were few who said its former United manager David Moyes.

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