Unique Cheese Egg Is A New Addition For This Easter

While we’re fond of having chocolate or chocolate flavor in our mouths at all times, it’s a different kind of Easter egg that’s grabbed our attention. This year that is a cheese one. Food

Food blogger Annem Hobson is sick of chocolate being the center of attention of every festival and celebration. She’s created the ultimate Easter egg they’re calling it “Cheester Eggs” for Easter treats.

They’re made from a solid block of cheese.

cheester egg feat

And, unlike chocolate Easter eggs, these eggs aren’t hollow in the middle, they are cheese filled. Cheester Eggs are made in collaboration with independent artisan cheese company Wildes Cheese from a “specially devised, unique recipe” using unhomogenized cow’s milk and vegetarian rennet.

cheester egg preparation 1

It’s based on the company’s Napier cheese which is crumbly, hard with a creamy texture and slightly sharp flavour.

cheester egg preparation

She’s got a few months to get that up-and-running but I have some questions.

What kind of cheese would be in the calendar? How would you keep the cheese fresh in the calendar over the month of December? Would it be wrapped in some plastic like a mini Mars Bar? Would the pieces of cheese be in the shape of a snowflake?