'Cards Against Humanity' Creator Vows To Publish Congress' Internet History

With the state representatives voting against net neutrality, the people of America seem to be very unhappy as it would mean an invasion of their privacy.


The implementation of the bill is that it would easily allow Internet Service Providers (like Time Warner Cable, Comcast, etc.) to sell the personal data off to companies willing to buy it for their business purposes.

Temkin, upset over the bill has vowed on his Twitter handle that if the anti-net neutrality bill was passed then he would definitely buy the personal internet browsing history of all the congressmen and their allies who took part in voting for the bill to be introduced.

He even claimed that he would publish that data online for the whole world to have a look at them and gauge the activities as also the personalities of these politicians.

His aim was to make the people passing the bill understand how it feels to have one’s personal data revealed to outsiders.

Now the bill has been passed. Temkin had promised he would use his personal wealth to buy that data as against crowd funding.

It seems that he is serious about keeping his promise and contemplating as to how he can buy the data.

If he really does what he is intending to, then some believe that the members of the Congress can get into trouble as they may be having a lot to hide from the general public.

Is Temkin correct? Or there smarter ways to get to make the members see sense in his views?