This Boy Came Up With A Splendid Resume To Date A Girl

Dating is not easy in 2017, you must be different, impressive and creative. And Joseph A. Adams, who is a student of at Michigan State University, made the first attempt to show how this task should be accomplished.

Though we live in a world full of dating apps, websites but sadly, you’re one among thousands with same witty pickup lines and same online profile, which you consider to be different.

While most of us are all dependent upon our profile and approach on Tinder etc., Joe Adams has thought a step forward to create an impressive dating resume.

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When a girl put out an ad to be her roommate’s formal date in a class Facebook group, his friend tagged him in the post, thinking Adams could be the right choice.

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Ashley Harrington, who had placed the ad, said she decided to “take matters into my own hands” because her roommate had been too busy to meet people.

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So Adams created a sensational resume that became an inspiration for all others to make a “dating resume” after he was denied by that girl.

In this well organised and perfectly detailed bio-data of the eligible boy,  there is everything and anything needed to be known by any girl.

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At the time, he didn’t have any so later he decided to write one for his next dating opportunity. Sad for that girl, she missed out this interesting guy as this resume is impressive. “He’s a lover of breakfast foods and puppies! He has written, which girl on earth won’t date him.

Adams’ resume also has lists of his work experience, skills, pastimes and just about everything else so in case any girl is more curious.

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His objective is “To find a honey with a bitchin’ family who enjoys sushi, adventures and good movies.” He writes that he makes great small talk with parents, doesn’t have a Tinder and cries during “Marley & Me.” Awww! Cuteness AF.

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Plenty of other women on Twitter posted that they would be happy to have Joey be their date.

‘Okay but he’s actually my dream guy,’ Caitlin Robison tweeted, while Jenna Cundy wrote: ‘If she doesn’t take him I might.’

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