Best Friends Fake Proposal For Free Dessert And Everyone Loves It

‘Life is short. Eat dessert first.’ — Jacques Torres

Nothing excites us more than a dessert, moreover if it is free. It feels like we are surely in god’s good book. Even sometimes we ask or trick for free


The two friends from Texas have gone way ahead and did a brilliant skit(trick) at a restaurant for free dessert.

Alex Nagle (17) nd Cati Domitrovich (19) are best friends who staged a fake proposal at an upscale restaurant for free dessert. They were having a bad week and they wanted to do something to reinstate it.


They were having a bad week and they wanted to do something to reinstate it.

So they played this proposal prank, it happened like when Cati went to the washroom, Alex hailed the restaurant people and told them he was going to propose to his girlfriend, asking them a favor to take click their special moment.


And as per as the plan, everyone clapped when Cati accepted Alex’s proposal and he put a beautiful ring on her finger.


Their deception was successful when the restaurant sent them a slice of chocolate cake and a creme brulee to congratulate the lovebirds.

They shared their moment on the internet about their excellent play and no sooner was trending with people talking both good and bad about it.

They got over 31,000 retweets.

Now everyone will follow this type of proposals.