Priceless Moment When Toddler Saw His Father For First Time With New Glasses

Reagan Caldwell is a normal 9-month-old kid, too young to be noticed, but recently his adorable expressions and activities after spotting his father the first time made him cutest kid trending on social media.His father is an Airforce officer Bardon. Bradon was deployed to Antarctica when his son got his new blue color of a circular framed cute pair of glasses which blessed him with a sense of sight two months ago.

baby face glasses

Amanda, the boy’s mother, recorded the father and son reunion at their home in upstate New York last week. It was such an emotional and happy moment together that no one can stop smiling after looking at it. In the video Brandon cuddles his son, who’s happy to have his loving father back, the baby showed his happiness and love by resting his head against his dad’s chest, giving him smile”.

Bardon got so touched that by his little baby’s gesture that he was down in tears. Now, it is true that the greatest connection is between father and child and that love is seen between Bradon and Regan in their video.

The family has suffered so much as Reagan has been in and out of the hospital since he was born after contracting a Group B Strep infection eventually ending up in intensive care due to complications which included meningitis and sepsis.

baby family

We hope that Regan get recovered soon and this family lives a normal and happy life.