Babies Names Coincide Who Are Born Next To Each Other

When photographer Cassie Clayshutle who works at the Coastal Carolina Hospital, chanced upon two infants born within just 24 hours of each other, she was she was happy to see them bubbling with life. It was a routine for her to visit the hospital three times in a week to provide a session to new mommies who sought her services.

She visited the hospital on Monday, Wednesday and Friday every week.  She said,

“Both parents had hired me to do their sessions that morning when I realized what their names were!”.

That morning the parents if both the newborn kids had hired her for a session. This is when she found out an interesting fact about the names of the newborn babies.

She found out that the names that the parents had given to their respective infants were decided pretty early during their pregnancies.

But the names turned out to be an amazing coincidence. The boy was named Romeo and yes, you guessed it, the girl was called Juliet.


It could well be thought of as a very young love story of sorts.

The parents to who a daughter was born had decided to name her Juliet based on the TV character, Jules that we were fond of. The TV show was titled Psych.


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