Autistic Man Taught His Gym An Incredible Legal Lesson For Calling Him Stupid

Autism is by birth disability, the one who suffers from it knows it pain and disadvantages, we could only show sympathy or care for them. It is also right to be neutral in the worst condition, but being rude or ill mannered with anyone suffering from this is not a right thing to do.

A similar incident occurred with a man named Ketan, who is autistic, he was called “stupid” by staff in a Virgin Active club spin class and he successfully sued the company for disability discrimination.


Ketan said he was diagnosed with autism as an adult, a condition which used to make him anxious and angry, he taught himself to be healthy and motivated despite of this problem. He became a fitness addict who was at a class at Virgin Active Stockley Park of which he was an active member when this incident happened.

Ketan Aggarwal, 30 year old happy and healthy naturally challenged man was in a class when he asked for little louder music and instantly the instructor shouted on him “don’t tell me how to do my job”.

When the class ended the instructor shouted at him again in front of 30 people, yelling “stupid” twice, on the microphone. Ketan complained about it to the company first but when Virgin Active refused to punish the worker he took them to court


Ketan searched online articles on discrimination, borrowed books from a library and consulted legal people for such cases to prepare for his court debut. He argued he had been the victim of disability harassment.

In his words:

“He called me stupid twice. Calling someone with a mental disability ‘stupid’ is similar to mocking a guy in a wheelchair. If I was that stupid I wouldn’t have been able to successfully pursue the claim against a solicitor of a billion pound company. It was two years coming and it was hard work.

I’m not a legal professional and I had to do a huge amount of paperwork. I had to live in the library, picking up law from the books and getting templates for submitting paperwork from the internet. It was worth it though.

It wasn’t about the money, it was about the principal.He started shouting across the room and told me my ‘opinion was b*******’ in the middle of the class.I stayed quiet but it made me feel horrible. He singled me out even though I only agreed with someone else. I believe this is because of my autism.”


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