Artificial Pollination Of Plants With The Drone Plan Bee

Technological advancements of late are happening by leaps and bounds. Recently, an industrial design student, Haldewang, developed a drone called “Plan Bee” that can artificially pollinate plants just like the real bee.


There was a need for this kind of a drone as several species of the bee were becoming endangered and on the verge of extinction.

This was a highly welcome news particularly for those working on the conservation of these bee species. Bee populations are crucial for pollination.


In North America alone, the honeybees’ role enables productions of at least 90 commercially different kinds of crops grown on a commercial basis like blueberries, melons, and broccoli.

Though the conservation efforts are on, the advent of Plan bee created by the industrial design student, there is surely some respite.


The drone is controlled by a smart device can actually pollinate flowers artificially.

It is made up of plastic material on the exterior and foam on the interior side. The body is divided into 6 parts with minute holes through which it can suck pollen grains from the flowers. the sucked in pollens are then dropped by the drone while hovering on other flowers.

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