Arnold Schwarzenegger Hits Back At Trump In A 40 Second Video Rant

Arnold Schwarzenegger is known to have become some sort of an interesting quirk of the culture of America. Although his accent is heavily loaded with Austrian language and pronunciations of words, he nonetheless rose to fame during the 1980s.

The main attributes that led to his popularity were his rippling muscles, great action scenes and some mesmerising one lines that were so diabolical in nature. He soon became the improbable hero for the Americans after being cast in as the star of Terminator, Predator and Total Recall.


He made great use of his success in his film career by capitalizing its fame and entering into politics. the goodwill from the acting career made it an easily transition for him from films to politics. He tasted success in the new field of politics too and served as the governor of California from 2003 to 2011. He was the 38th Governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had made a comeback to the world of glamour after his stint as governor of California and appeared in films such as The Last Stand and hosting the 15th season of Celebrity Apprentice.
But the actor who was once a body builder still shows his inclination for politics every now and then.

arnold bodybuilding

The subject of many of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s political discussions recently is about the man that he has replaced at the head of Celebrity Apprentice: Donald Trump.

Donald Trump rant
In-spite of being an ardent supporter of the Republican, Arnold Schwarzenegger spoke out often against Donald Trump when the latter was successfully engaged in his presidential campaign. Even at present,
Arnold has made a fresh attack on the US president.

A series of online arguments between the two influential people are there for all to see. The US president and the movie star have been involved in a bitter war of words ever since Donald Trump was inaugurated into the White House as the President of America in January, this year.

Donald Trump has been talking ill of the actor and politician Arnold and Schwarzenegge the Celebrity Apprentice opened in September last year to poor ratings. On the other hand, the actor is criticizing the President and expressing doubt regarding his commitment to the people of America.


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