Annoyed People Complained Neighbors For Noisy Sex

One of the bad sides of living in blocks of flats or sharing an apartment is being acquainted with neighbours’ all-time clamor.

Sounds such as loud TVs or party music are enough to irritate you.

But when lovemaking noises become so violent from a neighbor’s bedroom that it is like a sheep exorcism taking place inside, then it’s time to take action.

Some angry neighbors, who are annoyed of hearing other people having sex, finally busted in aggression and made sarcastic notes for the highly active sex machines.

Moaning and groaning are so shrill that it pierces ceilings and walls torturing neighbor’s ears while making them unable to sleep. Below are some notes from tired neighbors to make you laugh and giggle.

1. Shut the f**k up!


2. When your neighbors need to prove how frustrating your high pitched lovemaking can be.


3. Getting rid of either your boyfriend or bed is perfect advice.


4. A genuine plea because love is not about screams.


5. Beware your intelligent neighbors, a letter can kill all your sexual desires.


6. Quirky tip, shhh!


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